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fredmyerscpa p.c.

Fred Myers CPA, CFP, CLU, AIF

Services Offered:

Personal Financial Modeling: Allows clients to get their arms around the complexities of their financial Big Picture. It depicts lifetime cash flows under different scenarios and assumptions, and  identifies a level of risk/return needed to sustain their standard of living into late ages.

Investment Decisions Management Services: An ongoing service which adhears to Fiduciary Standards of Care. Focus on Lifetime Cash Flow Planning, Asset Allocation, Controlling Investment Expenses, Elimating Unnecessary Risk. My service typically involves quarterly meetings and I will work in conjunction with other advisors.

Independent Fiduciary Service: I currently Trustee multiple Life Insurance Trusts, Court-Appointed Management Trusts, and several other intervivos and testamentary trusts. I am named executor of several estates. Whenever I serve as a named fiduciary, I outsource the investment managment services.

Insurance Consultation: Evaluation and reviews of existing policies and proposed insurance purchases.

A Second Set of Eyes:  I work in conjunction with other advisors.  This typically imposes a quarterly review process which often is left undone.

Client Engagements
I use engagement letters to clarify, before I am engaged: the scope of the services I am to provide, to quote a flat fee, and to establish a time frame for completion. Unless the initial visit turns into a single-session consultation, there is no obligation to the client until they agree to the engagement letter. This way the client gets a "free look" at me and the services I offer. I believe my services are valuable for clients of all sizes, and I try to set my fees so that I am affordable to those with small investment portfolios. My fees are time- and value-based, rather than asset-based.  For clients with larger investment portfolios, my services are very economical. I do not have a minimum portfolio size for accepting new clients.

Flat Fees

Most Fee Only Investment Advisors / Financial Planners charge fees as a percent of Assets Under Management.  Fee-Based Investment Advisors / Financial Planners typically use commissions to offset and/or exceed established fees.

I charge Flat Fees that are time-based.  My compensation comes from the client alone. 

My Fee Schedule and sample Engagement Letter are available by clicking the links to the right.

Fee Schedule

For Investment Decision Management (IDM), Investment Advisory (IA), and Personal Financial Modeling (PFM) Services, click here.

For a sample Engagement Letter for IDM, IA, and PFM-only services, click here

Fee Schedules for Fiduciary Servicesas well as Insurance Consultation Services are found on their respective pages.