Insurance Consultation

Because most insurance is sold by commissioned agents who have a financial interest in your purchase decision, objective insurance consultation is highly valued.  I sold Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance for nine years, and I understand how the policies and the underwriting process works.  I provide straight answers that clients normally don't get from sales people.

Life and Health Insurance Products have become very complex and difficult to understand.  I will review and evaluate existing or proposed life, disability, and long-term care policies, and offer my opinion with regard to the appropriateness and coverage design.

Frequently, life insurance policies are not properly funded, which can result in a policy lapsing or requiring substantial premium contributions at late ages.  I am interested in the long-term durability of the policy, and will advise the policy owner on what management options are available to assure durability.

Consultation Fees:  My hourly rate is $250, and I will provide the client with an engagement letter that quotes a flat fee once I understand the scope of the engagement.  Typically, a policy review or proposed purchase review will run $350-$450.